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The reason you hire a Property Manager to look after your property is to make things easy for you and relieve any potential stress. Our focus is to maximize your return, while minimizing your risk – this means attracting the right tenant who pays the right rent on the most favourable terms while protecting the value of your asset while you own it.  

Our values are imbedded in what we do: People First – Doing the Right Thing – Being Courageous – Fun and Laughter.  

People First: Companies don’t succeed, people do. As an organization – we understand that our success is about people – our team and our clients. So, whether we’re speaking with our owners, your tenants or one or our contractors, we never lose sight of the ‘people’ being at the centre of everything.  

Doing the Right Thing: There is never a right time to do the wrong thing. We all know instinctively what the right thing to do is, so our focus is always to make the right decision and to always do the right thing. Our documentation is comprehensive and our processes stringent to ensure we’re doing the right thing each and every time. 

Being Courageous – It takes courage to always do the right thing, to always tell the truth and simply be the best at what we do. Every day, we must an organization and as individuals in Property Management, act with courage.  

Fun and Laughter – We spend a significant part of our lives in our profession – we must never forget that the journey is the most important thing, not necessarily the destination. Having fun and laughter along the way as well as ensuring the people around us do will ensure we create a life worth living.   

Here’s some of the services we provide:  

ü  Rental appraisals

ü  Comprehensive Management Authority

ü  Stringent tenant selection process

ü  Robust tenancy agreement written by specialist lawyers

ü  Home care and info pack for tenants

ü  Zero tolerance arrears policy

ü  Quarterly inspections updated to you in minutes

ü  Incoming and outgoing inspection reports with photographs

ü  Non-resident owner NR4 and NR6 submission

ü  Collection of security deposits and rents managed through trust accounts

ü  Electronic disbursement of funds

ü  Electronic document signature system

ü  Document and statement access 24/7 for both owners and tenants

ü  24/7 emergency response

ü  Strategic marketing including: Professional brochures, “for rent” signage, and on-line advertising on multiple sites

ü  Maximize return on investment, minimize risk

ü  Proactive communication with tenants to ensure potential issues are promptly resolved

ü  Competitive monthly rates, no 12-month term

ü  Rent increases and tenancy renewals

ü  Review of strata bylaws, rules and minutes and strata meeting attendance

ü  Annual home care maintenance programs

ü  Annual investment evaluation assessment

ü  Exposure to the Harcourts international network

ü  Licensed professional Property Managers and full-time Harcourts’ employees

ü  The Harcourts Property Management Promise

ü  No hidden costs

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