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Tips on interviewing & selecting a Realtor

Questions to ask when interviewing for a realtor

1. How will you look after the security of my home when people want to view?
2. When do you phone all the people that have viewed during an open for inspection to follow up regarding interest levels?
3. What day of the week will you provide me with a full written progress report?
4. How do you keep me informed? What can I expect from you in relation to communication on progress?
5. What are your companies values and how will they benefit me?
6. Will you present all offers in writing?
7. Do you have someone that oversees your performance and how many others are they responsible for?
8. Why should I choose you as my Realtor?   
9. Show me your track record of helping people like me?
10. What service(s) do you provide from start to finish?
11. What platform will be used to successfully market my property?
12. What type of approach will be utilized in marketing my property?   How do you differ from other brokerages?
13. What familiarity/knowledge do you have in this area and are you invested in our community?
14. Do you reach beyond local markets to the global market to attract buyers?
15. Do you back up everything you promise in writing?